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Substation Designing Service

Substation Designing Service

Chelsea Electric Consulting and Engineering is a Vikas Puri (Delhi, India) based company, which is indulged in offering best-in-class substation designing services to the clients. With the support of a team of substation designing experts, it has become possible for us to connect transmission lines and distribution feeders through circuit breakers via busbars and transformers to design the substations. These experts are also proficient in designing an earthling and bonding system as well.

We Provide the following expertise services


  • Equipment Selection
  • Protection and Metering SLD
  • Substation Layout Plan and Sections
  • Substation Clearance Diagrams
  • Erection Key Diagram
  • Earthing & Lightning Protection
  • Lighting System Design
  • Cable Routing layout and Schedule
  • Control Room Equipment Layout
  • Battery and LVAC System
  • SCADA System
  • Project Bill Of Materials
  • Preparation Of Technical Specification.
  • Cost Estimation

Civil and Structural

  • Foundation Design and Engineering
  • Structure Design and Engineering
  • Control Room Building Design and Engineering
  • Lightning & Lighting Mast
  • Foundation and Cable Trench Layout
  • Storm Water Drainage System
  • Road, Drain, Duct Bank
  • Transformer and Reactor Foundation
  • Transformer Fire Wall and Soak Pit
  • Project Bill Of Materials
  • Technical Specification Supply & Insulation
  • Cost Estimation

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